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Built upon Motorola Mobility’s PTT technology, MOTOTALK offers users real-time and instant communications with individuals or a group, using LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi among GRID’s MOTOTALK and iDEN® subscribers. Leveraging Wi-Fi, GRID’s Push-to-Talk (PTT) MOTOTALK subscribers can also communicate with one another anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi coverage without incurring roaming charges. The walkie talkie application (app) is available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices. MOTOTALK allows a smartphone user to communicate with any active iDEN® PTT phone.


1 Interoperability with iDEN®

2 Sub-second call set up

3 VPN Connection

4 Supports One-to-One Calling

5 Supports PTT TalkGroup Calling

6 Call Alert Tone

7 Cross Fleet Functionality

8 Supports Smart Devices iOS and Android Platform

– Non Ruggedised, Ruggedised and Intrinsically Safe Devices

9 Multi Network Supported – 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi

10 Import PTT contacts from phone’s directory


Ease of Usage
Ease of Usage
The easy-to-use MOTOTALK app delivers an instant communication experience to consumer and business users alike who enjoy the convenience and immediacy of true PTT communications with their networks of friends and business associates. The walkie talkie app features instantaneous PTT access and connection for subscribers of GRID’s PTT MOTOTALK and iDEN® service.
Interoperability with iDEN®
Interoperability with iDEN®
MOTOTALK is suitable for management, mobile app workers, small talkgroup size and users requiring global communication capabilities. GRID’S PTT MOTOTALK service is also interoperable with existing GRID’s iDEN® users (voice critical communication). Thus, MOTOTALK and iDEN® users will have the versatility of talking to one another seamlessly.
Reduces Cost, Improves Efficiency and Increases Productivity
Reduces Cost, Improves Efficiency and Increases Productivity
The bridging of communication gap between MOTOTALK and iDEN® also frees the users of the two groups from having to carry more than one handset to talk to one another. This means cost saving from having to purchase addition handsets, improves efficiency in workflow communications and increases productivity by multi-tasking from a single handset.
Global Communications Capability
Global Communications Capability
MOTOTALK also addresses the needs of small and medium-sized business owners, particularly regional businesses. They require instant and reliable communications among GRID’s PTT MOTOTALK’s subscribers in different parts of the world. Being able to communicate globally ensures greater customer satisfaction due to faster response and better collaboration.


With GRID’s MOTOTALK walkie talkie app, subscribers can now have a cost-effective and secured solution for business, families and employees to stay connected. Individual users and business can experience PTT capability and the excellent communications experience they have come to rely on – both in Singapore and internationally – at an affordable cost and without restrictions on the PTT service usage.

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