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GRID’s iDEN have been used to support Singapore’s National Day Parades, Special Olympics and other important occasions that need a reliable and high quality PTT system. Some features of iDEN include:

Instant Island Wide
PTT communication

– Instant Island Wide PTT communication –
GRID’s low latency iDEN system allows users to instantly connects and communicates at a push of a button without the need to dial a number and to wait for the receiving party to answer the call. This is important for organizations that need fast and reliable communication setup, e.g. military, police, civil defense, medical, transportation, dispatch, securities, pubs, restaurants, schools and hotels.

Group calls

– Group calls –
One-to-one and one-to-many PTT calls can be made on GRID’s iDEN system. For example, in the taxi industry, group calls allow available jobs to be broadcast to members of a group or groups and be awarded to the first respondent to the group calls.

One Device
& Number

– Use one device and number for all instant PTT communications and regular voice calls –
GRID’s iDEN system comes with the convenience of either making a PTT call, instant messaging or to dial a telephone number to make regular voice calls.

Vehicle tracking solution

– Vehicle tracking solution –
Dispatch and tracking features are available on GRID’s iDEN system for fleet management and other tracking purposes.

Business Continuity Management

– Business Continuity Management –
Some organisations have chosen GRID’s iDEN service as a means of communication backup in cases where their office phones or mobile phones systems are down.

A wide range of iDEN handsets are available to choose from with advanced features. There are industrial grade handsets to elegant phone looking handsets to suit different users’ need mobile Internet and e-mail, wireless modems, voice activation, and voice recordings so that one can virtually recreate a mobile office.

GRID offers superior quality and reliability to all its customers who are constantly on the move. GRID’s customers have the convenience of two-way radio, mobile and data services all in a single handset to stay in touch, island wide with your work team and friends; and access to groups of people, all at the press of a “talk” button mobile Internet and e-mail, wireless modems, voice activation, and voice recordings so that one can virtually recreate a mobile office.

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