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Sport Hub

GRID has in-building coverage @ Sports Hub.

GRID has invested significant amount of money to provide in-building coverage at Sports Hub. To recover some of these investments, GRID has to impose a ‘Sports Hub Access’ value added service fee. You are probably not affected, since only those who need to use GRID’s service within Sports Hub will be required to subscribe to this value added service.



2017 GRID Handsets Offer

Motorola i418, Motorola i460, Motorola XT626,  GRID H375i


GRID - Rewards

Join in our GRID Referral Program and stand a chance to be rewarded with GRID vouchers.

Introducing GRID’s Referral Program which aims to enhance the communications flow with your business partners. To refer potential customers to us, please complete the GRID Referal Program Form and fax to us at 6482 7555. Alternatively, you can email the information of the referred company to If the referred company signs up with us, you will be rewarded with GRID Vouchers!

Get connected with your business partners on GRID today! Call our hotline at 6486 8777 for more details!

Click here to download GRID Referal Program Form

Intrinisically Safe I365IS Walkie Talkie

The Intrinsically Safe i365IS walkie-talkie

Motorola i365IS is certified to withstand specifications of Military Standard 810F, which is set by United States of Department of Defense. Motorola i365IS is the only rugged device that can endure these extremes tests: SHOCK, VIBRATION, DUST, HIGH TEMPERATURE, LOW TEMPERATURE, TEMPERATURE SHOCK, BLOWING RAIN, SALT FOG, HUMIDITY, SOLAR RADIATION and LOW PRESSURE.