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27/06/2019 by GRID Marketing

We understand how important fleet safety means to your business as driver errors caused 90% of road accidents, and the additional cost incurred as a result.     Why Attend this Workshop? GRID SaferDrive™ enables vehicle owners of large enterprises, small businesses and commercial fleets to take control of their drivers’ safety with a proven vehicle solution. Find out from our speakers about this amazing solution and a free 3 months trial during this workshop. Who should attend this Workshop? If you are exploring an in-vehicle solution to improve your company’s fleet safety record with a fleet of at least…

14/02/2018 by GRID Marketing
23/01/2017 by GRID Marketing

GRID has invested significant amount of money to provide in-building coverage at Sports Hub. To recover some of these investments, GRID has to impose a ‘Sports Hub Access’ value added service fee. You are probably not affected, since only those who need to use GRID’s service within Sports Hub will be required to subscribe to this value added service. The ‘Sports Hub Access’ value added service is $10.70 per month per user. To subscribe or terminate the service, you need to complete Form C and bring your SIM card to GRID Customer Service Counter for programming.* Call our hotline at…

19/10/2017 by GRID Marketing

GRID is aware of the unfounded market rumours that GRID’s iDEN® network is shutting down. This is untrue and incorrect. Our iDEN® network continues to function as per normal. GRID operates a separate network from the 3 telecom operators. The closing down of 2G network since April 2017, as mandated by IMDA, does not affect our network. We reserve the right to take legal action against any entities spreading these rumors. Call our hotline at 6486 8777 for more information.

19/01/2018 by GRID Marketing

GRID Rewards You When You Introduce Your Business Partner To GRID Network Join in our GRID Referral Program and stand a chance to be rewarded with shopping vouchers. Introducing GRID’s Referral Program which aims to enhance the communications flow with your business partners. To refer potential customers to us, please complete the GRID Referal Program Form and fax to us at 6482 7555. Alternatively, you can email the information of the referred company to enquiry@grid.net.sg. If the referred company signs up with us, you will be rewarded with shopping vouchers! Get connected with your business partners on GRID today! Call…