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Enhance operational efficiency and co-ordinate effectively in a group.

With Our iDEN® Push-To-Talk Services

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Innovative Ways to Connect in a Smart City

Enhancing Asset Utilisation and Providing Better Consumer Experiences with GRID’s Internet of Things Solution

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Safe Drives Save Lives

Take Control of Drivers’ Safety with GRID SaferDriveTM

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Our Services & Solutions

For superior quality instant island wide walkie talkie with Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication.
For organisations who wish to communicate efficiently with their workers anywhere and anytime, our VoicePing combines the functionality of a walkie talkie with a smart mobile phone with the option to select either data or WiFi network.
For high availability of service to disseminate information and/or instructions to deploy resources quickly under critical and emergency situations
GRID SaferDriveTM
For business operations involving a fleet of vehicles and drivers or mobile workforce, GRID SaferDriveTM provides a delicate balance between work efficiency, operational costs and driving safety.

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About GRID Communications

GRID Communications Pte Ltd (GRID) is the leading public telecommunications walkie talkie network operator in Singapore. It is the only public trunked radio operator that provides island-wide coverage with more than 300 base stations over Singapore.

GRID Communications (formerly known as Digital Network Access Communications) is a joint venture incorporated in December 2000 between Singapore Technologies Telemedia and Singapore Telecom Ltd each owning 50% equity stake in the company. IMDA has granted GRID Communications the license to provide facilities-based operations (FBO) under Section 5 of the Telecommunications Act (Chapter 323) on 1 November 2000. The license has been renewed by IMDA for another 10 years on 1 November 2013.

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