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GRIDTalk – Walkie Talkie Supplier in Singapore

Embarking on a Journey
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Singapore’s trusted Walkie Talkie supplier and distributor for your business needs.

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Safe Drives Save Lives

Take Control of Drivers’ Safety with GRID SaferDriveTM

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GRIDTALK – Walkie Talkie Supplier & Distributor in Singapore

GRID Communications Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading public telecommunications Walkie Talkie service provider, supplier, and distributor. Our mission is to provide advanced wireless Walkie Talkie services to all our customers for better communication and improved efficiency.

GRIDTalk service is a custom-built PTT Walkie Talkie service with a high-priority dedicated service on Singapore’s largest 4G LTE network within a fully compatible ecosystem. Our solutions are unlike any other as we take into consideration the full end-to-end Walkie Talkie performance in the form of a highly secure and advanced work tool. Our PTT ecosystem was built from the ground up to ensure total efficacy in any situation, and integrates devices, applications, network use, and customer support – making us unique from other PTT service providers in Singapore.

Find the right Walkie Talkie service plan and you can customise our solutions to fit your organisation’s needs. We offer service plans to help you set up organisation-wide Walkie Talkie functionality, as well as rental services for temporary short-term use. Contact our GRID account representative to get started.

Our Services & Solutions

For companies and organisations in Singapore looking for high priority network Walkie Talkie services that can provide them with customised and reliable end-to-end full-suite solutions to fit their needs.
For infrequent users looking for the most suitable two-way radio rental service in Singapore according to the area of usage, duration, and purpose.
GRID SaferDriveTM
For business operations involving a fleet of vehicles and drivers or mobile workforce, GRID SaferDriveTM provides a delicate balance between work efficiency, operational costs and driving safety.

What is the Difference between Two-Way Radio and GRIDTalk Walkie Talkies? 

Two-way radio is an older form of communication that enables two-way communication between two or more parties over a radio network. While two-way radios are still frequently used across many industries and situations, users are not necessarily assured of a secure line while talking or consistent high-quality audio quality.

GRIDTalk is GRID’s proprietary Walkie Talkie ecosystem that uses the latest in PTT technology to help companies of all industries and sizes better communicate while out in the field. Our Walkie Talkies allow instant and secure communication with colleagues and employees, enabling you to communicate with ease even in high-stress situations.

Why Do Businesses in Singapore Choose GridTalk’s Walkie Talkies?

1. Full turnkey support on handsets, applications and network
GRIDTalk is your one-stop solutions provider for all things Walkie Talkie communications in Singapore. All the handsets and software provided are configured for full compatibility across the whole Walkie Talkie ecosystem to ensure maximum efficiency in your operations. You also get access to our centralised Walkie Talkie service centre for additional support and enquiries.
2. Advanced Walkie Talkie features that you can’t find anywhere else in Singapore
When you choose GRID for Walkie Talkie solutions, you get a Walkie Talkie device that’s unlike any other. Get a full spectrum of features, including:

  • Priority network access from Singapore’s largest LTE 4G network
  • Unlimited private calls, alerts, and group calls
  • Emergency call
  • Ad Hoc Group
  • Access to call history and replay (24 hours)
  • Chat and file attachments
3. Customised Walkie Talkie solutions for every business
Get the right Walkie Talkie service plan for your business and choose from our wide range of features and add-on services that will meet your specific needs. With our technology, you can manage data costs with our tariff cost control at the network level, so you don’t have to worry about excess data consumption. Moreover, our Walkie Talkie solutions are fully equipped with enhanced security to prevent data breaches.
4. Convenient Walkie Talkie rentals for temporary use
If you need Walkie Talkies for temporary use, we provide quick and flexible solutions with no long-term contracts. Get the most suitable Walkie Talkie solution for you, depending on your area of usage, duration, and purpose. Our handsets include features, such as a slim-light weight design, good capacity battery, wide network coverage, unlimited calls, and add-on accessories.

Rent our Walkie Talkies for your events within Singapore, and take advantage of our advanced two-way radio technology at a price that fits your requirements and budget.

Our Industries


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In busy and hazardous construction sites, we provide Walkie Talkie solutions to ensure the safety, productivity, and coordination of all work groups.


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Quick and efficient communication between staff at a hotel through our Walkie Talkie system ensures they are deployed to handle requests and give guests a positive experience.

Oil & Gas

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Our Walkie Talkie solutions can be designed to accommodate the Oil and Gas industry’s work processes that would involve either one-on-one or group communication to enhance employee safety and productivity.

Public Safety

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Our Walkie Talkie solutions provide public safety organisations in Singapore with a resilient network infrastructure and maximum security functions to protect users from interception and spoofing.


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Ensure effective traffic flow management and prevent delays in customer requests with an effective communication system using our Walkie Talkie solutions.

Security & Facilities

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For the security team to respond to emergencies and the facilities management to handle repairs promptly, we provide reliable Walkie Talkie services for quick communication.

Transport & Logistics

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Companies in the Transport & Logistics sector can leverage our high-end Walkie Talkie solutions to communicate among various groups anywhere in Singapore.

About GRID Communications

GRID Communications Pte Ltd (GRID) is the leading public telecommunications walkie talkie service provider in Singapore.

GRID Communication is incorporated in December 2000. IMDA has granted GRID Communications the license to provide facilities-based operations (FBO) under Section 5 of the Telecommunications Act (Chapter 323) since 1 November 2000.

GRID’s mission is to provide value with our advanced wireless radio services of superior quality and reliability efficiently to all our customers. GRID has established itself as a dominant and reliable business partner to major companies in Singapore.

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