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TETRA is designed for all professional users who need critical communications. It is used in many market sectors, from nationwide public safety networks to small, private, site-specific installations in locations such as sports arenas, sea ports, leisure complexes and manufacturing plants.

In critical situations, the ability to make quick decision is often critical for the public or employees safety. Security agencies need fast and reliable communications to keep citizens and communities safe. Under critical and emergency situations, calls need to connect instantly and reliably with high availability of service. Communications simply cannot fail when lives are at stake or when disasters are waiting to happen. Under critical situations, mission critical organisations (e.g. Oil and Gas, Casinos, Trains, Airports and Seaports) will need to disseminate information and/or instructions to large groups of staff and to deploy resources quickly.

The communication network supporting mission critical communications will need to be resilient, reliable, secure and available where and when needed. Communication under a critical situation is not limited to just voice, but reliable data capabilities, including GPS and Short Messaging Services, is just as important when needed to send critical information and data.


Highly Reliable Communication

Highly Reliable Communication
– TETRA’s network has high availability even in case of large scale disaster scenarios

Highly Secured and Resilient Solution

Highly Secured and Resilient Solution
– timely communications is paramount to improving operations and to ensure staff’s safety

Extremely Ruggardised Handsets

Extremely Ruggardised Handsets
meets IP68 standards for water ingress and with loud audio

Customisable to User’s Needs and Requirements

Customisable to User’s Needs and Requirements


If you are operating under a Mission or Business Critical environment, GRID has the Mission/Business Critical Solutions you are seeking. We are committed to bring you a full turnkey solution that you need. With GRID’s solution, you’ll be free to concentrate on your Mission/Business Critical task while we take care of your communication needs.

GRID’s TETRA solution gives our customers the assurance of always ready and always available when needed. As GRID is vendor-neutral, GRID represents a number of vendors, including Sepura, Motorola and other vendors for selective projects depending on customer needs and requirements.

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