VoicePing (Walkie-Talkie App)

Voice Ping photo 1


GRID’s VoicePing Push-To-Talk (PTT) App maximises business users’ productivity with our cost effective solution, combining the functionality of a walkie-talkie with a smart mobile phone.  Our VoicePing operates on either data networks or WiFi, to provide users with the widest coverage area and highest voice quality so that communication will always be loud and clear.

Together with GRID’s VoicePing features, users can be assured of efficient communication with their co-workers anywhere and anytime.  VoicePing is currently available for Android smartphones only.

Summary of Key Features

Our VoicePing’s set of features gives you control over your PTT communications, including talk groups and contact management.

  • 1-to-1 PTT call
  • Group call
  • Fast call setup
  • Messaging
  • Image sharing
  • Tracking (via desktop)
  • Connect to Bluetooth® hands-free devices
  • PTT button assignment
  • Voice history
  • Message history
  • Available in Android (iOS version coming soon)


Users can experience efficient and effective communication with GRID’s VoicePing PTT solution that is designed for enterprise mobility. They can communicate and connect with their co-workers while on the go, on just one device.

BENEFITS of VoicePing

  • Paging

For urgent matters, there is a paging feature which keeps the receiver’s phone beeping and vibrating until a reply is obtained.

  • Status Update

Users can see the status on other users’ availability, delivery of short messages and voice messages on our PTT solution display.

  • Texting

Send text and have them read out when it is received.  Using Text-to-Speech technology, users can keep abreast of information sent to them without needing to even unlock the phone display.

  • Recording

All voice communications are recorded on the server and can be replayed later.  They can also be stored in the receiving party’s voicemail box to be listened later (if he is busy currently) and/or to reply when he is not busy.

  • Bluetooth PTT Connectivity

Our VoicePing App is able to pair with a Bluetooth PTT device for hands-free set up; there is no more dangling of wires.  A user simply presses the dedicated PTT button and he is instantly connected.  He does not have to touch his smartphone for PTT (as a form of protection from drops or water damage) or worry about what application is currently active.

  • Tracking via Desktop

Users like supervisors can track staff on the go and view their live location or movement history on a desktop application, to help them to coordinate daily operations and improve customer service.