SMS for Schools

SMS For School

GRID Messaging is a web-based SMS application for mass communication. With GRID Messaging, you can broadcast information via SMS to staff, students and parents. You can do so through our user-friendly web application, or even through your mobile phone.

Advantages of using GRID Messaging Solution

  1. Fast SMS delivery
    -within 30 minutes if you broadcast to 3000 recipients (when there are no other simultaneous broadcast).
  2. Teachers need not give their personal phone numbers to students and parents.
  3. You have a record of the messages sent and received.
  4. School could audit the SMS between teachers and students if required.
  5. Broadcast SMS saves your time. Get immediate SMS response.
  6. gSMS allows you to broadcast SMS using your mobile phone.

School Package

Pay-as-you-use 5.35 ct/SMS


  1. One time admin fee of $16.05 per GRID Messaging account applies.
  2. All prices inclusive of GST.

For enquiries, please call: Hotline 6486 8777