Grid Walkie Talkie


For superior quality instant island wide walkie talkie with Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication

Walkie-Talkie Rental

For simpler event co-ordination with GRID’s many walkie-talkie rental options and schemes


For smartphone users you can turn your smartphone into walkie talkie to communicate in real-time with individuals or a group using LTE, 3G or WiFi

General Purpose Radio

For organisations needing localised two-way radio solutions within a building or at a single site


For combining the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology for instant communication, easy decision-making and seamless co-ordination


For high availability of service to disseminate information and/or instructions to deploy resources quickly under critical and emergency situations


A reliable walkie talkie/two-way radio communications system with superior coverage and certified Intrinsically Safe is essential in today’s fast-paced business landscape. To date, GRID has invested over $180 million in network infrastructure, including an advance core switch capable of 5 “9”s reliability and several hundred base stations deployed island-wide. GRID provides outdoor coverage of 95% and in-building coverage in major commercial centres and strategic sites.



(For Island-Wide Subscription-Based Mobile Office Solutions)

On top of instant island wide Push-to-Talk (PTT) walkie talkie communications, iDEN® allows the convenience of dispatch radio, full-duplex telephone mode, short messaging service and data transmission all in a single headset. Grid customers can choose from a wide range of headsets with cutting-edge features of speakerphone, voice command, phone book, voice mail, digital two-way radio, mobile internet and email, wireless modems, voice activation and voice recording and allows you access to groups of people at the press of a ‘talk” button.


iDEN® Rental

(For Short-Term Events/Camps)

Grid has been the preferred supplier due to our wide range of options for walkie-talkie rental service in Singapore which has no long term contracts or subscription fee, as well as quick and flexible scheme to suit different business needs. Our rental service also makes it cost-effective for customers with infrequent usage that does not justify purchasing handsets or subscribing to long-term contracts from a network Push-to-Talk (PTT) carrier for wide area radio coverage. Event co-ordination becomes so much simpler with GRID’s walkie-talkie rental service.




(For Licensed/Free-Island-Wide/Localised Usage)

With exceptional voice quality and long battery life, MOTOTRBO™ is a comprehensive communication solution of portable and mobile radios, repeaters, accessories, applications and services. GRID customers can tailor the system to your workplace and your workers for both island-wide (with GRID’s Connectplus solution) or a localised enterprise PTT solution with the capability of integrating with other value added systems (e.g. GPS).


General Purpose Two-Way Radio
(For Single Building/Site Coverage)

GRID’s general purpose two-way (GP) radios are suitable for organisations where the usage of the two-way radios are confined to within a single building or at single site where island wide coverage is not needed. With only an annual licence fee (payable to IMDA) and no monthly subscription fee, it is easy to deploy, comes with good voice quality, low latency call setups and repeater solutions for extended radio coverage.


(Push-to-Talk Walkie Talkie App)

Built upon Motorola Mobility’s PTT technology, MOTOTALK offers users real-time, instant, communication, with individuals or a group, using LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi among GRID’s MOTOTALK and iDEN® subscribers. GRID’s PTT MOTOTALK subscribers can also communicate with one another anywhere in the world with features such as one-to-one calling, PTT TalkGroup calling, cross fleet functionality, VPN connection and sub-second call set up.


(For Quick Decision-Making in Mission-Critical Situations)

TETRA is a proven radio technology that addresses the needs of Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) with advanced features such as mission-critical voice; all-inclusive group calls, direct terminal-to-terminal calls or portable coverage enhancer when outside network range. Handsets provided are highly ruggardised, terminals are interoperable and integrates seamlessly with other existing and emerging IT and communication technologies.


(Walkie-Talkie App)

GRID’s VoicePing Push-To-Talk (PTT) App maximises business users’ productivity with our cost effective solution, combining the functionality of a walkie-talkie with a smart mobile phone. Our VoicePing operates on either data networks or WiFi, to provide users with the widest coverage area and highest voice quality so that communication will always be loud and clear.



Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd

Rides on Comfort Taxis have also been smoother since the introduction of GRID services to its fleet of Mercedes cabs. “Coverage and voice quality are much better than the older analogue systems. Just as important is that the drivers found our handsets reliable and easy to use. Efficient communication is essential in the taxi business. Dispatching a taxi promptly to the correct location in the shortest possible time is vital in meeting customer satisfaction demands. Nothing is less than the best system will do. With GRID service, this assurance is guaranteed, said Ms Ngoi Poh Keng, Assistant Manager (Cablink) at Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd”

Koh Kok Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd

“The construction industry moves with the desires and dreams of building owners and end-users that participate in the building project whether offices, shops or homes. GRID Communications has been an excellent business partner and our wireless telecoms service provider who supports our needs with the right business solutions.”



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