GRID Messaging

In today’s competitve business environment, it has become increasingly essential for companies to operate efficiently and effectively. With GRID Messaging, important information and instructions can be disseminated conveniently and quickly to your mobile workforce for immediate action to increase your productivity and to ensure customer satisfaction.

GRID Messaging is a wireless messaging application that allows you to send SMS to an individual or broadcast SMS to your entire fleet. All you require is a PC or a notebook with internet access and you will be able to send messages to your team anytime, anywhere.


Features and Benefits

  • Web Interface
    No complicated setup required. What you need is just “Internet Access”.
  • Job Despatch
    Job orders can be sent to the drivers/riders for immediate action. The recipients can reply to the office via SMS to acknowledge receipt of job orders. Your delivery personnel need not return to office to obtain the job schedule.
  • Broadcast messages to multiple recipients
    You can send the same message to 200 recipients at one go! Save time and increase productivity.
  • Inbox and Outbox
    Just like an email account, the inbox and outbox allow you to read incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Address Book
    Save your individual GRID contacts in the address book for easy access. Group your contacts for convenient broadcast of messages.



Service Plans Monthly Subscription FREE Out-going SMS (GRID-TO-GRID) Excess Charge per SMS (GRID-TO-GRID)
GRID Messaging 500 $5.35 500 2.14 ¢
GRID Messaging 2,000 $10.59 2,000 2.14 ¢
GRID Messaging 5,000 $21.29 5,000 2.14 ¢
GRID Messaging 10,000 $40.66 10,000 2.14 ¢



  • A one-time registration fee of $16.05 applies
  • 5.35 ¢ will be charge for outgoing GRID-TO-GSM SMS
  • GRID Messaging is only applicable to GRID subscribers locally


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