Value Added Services

  • Call Forwarding
  • 3- way call
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Hold
  • Missed Call Alert
  • Caller ID
 – $5.35 per month
  • Caller ID Restrict
 – $5.35 per month
 – Free registration and Pay-As-Use
  • Detail Billing
 – $5.35 per month
  • Selective Dynamic Group Call Service
 – $1.07 per month per ID
  • Temporary Suspension of Service
 – $5.35 per month per ID


  • DataValue
$10.70 per month
– Free 50MB
– Excess charge @ 0.86cent/kb
  • Administrative Fees and Miscellaneous Charges
No Description Service Fee Admin Fee Remarks
1 Connection Fee $16.05 per ID For any new customer, a one-time Connection Fee per new line is charged in the next bill for GRID to configure the new lines:

  1. Assignment of fleet for all new lines. The fleet number is system generated and choosing of fleet ID is not possible.
  2. Assignment of ID for all new lines.
  3. Assignment of ID to any of the first 3 talkgroups (if applicable) only.
  4. Assignment of phone numbers.
  5. Assignment of IP address (if data service is required).


  1. If you need to set up 4 or more talkgroups during the initial configuration, an additional service fee of S$16.05 per ID will be imposed to associate each ID to the additional talkgroups. Maximum 5 talkgroups for individual subscriber.
  2. For choice or gold phone numbers, additional charges for the choice or golden numbers are applicable.
2 SIM Card (New Line) $35.00
3 Replacement of SIM Card due to loss  $16.05 $35.00
4 Change of PTT ID $16.05 per ID
5 Change of Phone Number $21.40 per ID $16.05 per ID
6 Choice Phone Number
(Other than Golden Numbers)
$53.30 per Number $16.05 per ID
7 Add Talkgroup to ID $16.05 per ID Maximum 5 talkgroups for individual subscriber.
8 Change Price Plan $16.05 per ID Downgrade of price plan is chargeable.
Admin fee is waived for upgrade of price plan.
9 Add VAS $16.05 per ID
10 Taxi Group leader setting up a new TG or Change of Taxi Leader/TG Name $107 per TG Minimum 10 IDs per TG.
11 Request from Taxi Leaders for removal of members’ TG ID $16.05 per ID Charge to Taxi Leaders
12 Upgrade with one year contract $16.05 per ID
13 Re-activation request for non-SIM handset
Re-activation of non-SIM handset after termination
$21.40 per ID $16.05 per ID
14 Transfer and retain same PTT ID and/or PCnumber (use existing SIM card) $16.05
15 Transfer and request for New PTT ID (use existing SIM card) $16.05 per ID
16 Transfer and request new PTT ID and PC (use existing SIM card) $21.40 per PC $16.05 per ID
17 Transfer and change fleet $16.05 per ID
18 Company change BRN(e.g. change from Pte Ltd to Ltd) $16.05 per ID
19 Detailed Phone Billing – ad hoc $5.35 per ID per page Capped at $53.50 per phone number (even if the total number of pages exceed 10) for each month of detailed phone billing.
Only the past 6 months records are available.
20 Detailed Talkgroup Usage – ad hoc $5.35 per ID per page Only the past 6 months records are available.
21 Duplicate Bill or Bill Request $5.35 per bill per account Only the past 6 months records are available.
22 Sports Hub Access $10.70 per ID per month $16.05 per ID To subscribe or terminate, complete Form C and bring your SIM card to GRID Customer Service Counter for programming. Termination of this service is effective only if your SIM card had been programmed by GRID – service fee will be imposed until your SIM card had been programmed.