Push-To-Talk (PTT) 1-2-1 PLANS

Push to Talk 1-2-1 conversation is ideal for instant command and control, short conversations.You can use the cross fleet service to talk to your contractors without having to make phone calls. Send a call alert to let someone know you are trying to reach them.

  • All incoming phone calls are free! Super low offpeak phone charges at 3.21ct/min.
  • We allow you to share Free Minutes and SMS within your organisation to give you more savings.
  • By pooling8 the total Push-To-Talk, phone minutes as well as SMS within your group, heavy users can take advantage of the unused quota from light users and pay nothing.

1-2-1 Private User

Service Plan PTT30p PTT33p2 PTT38p PTT68p PTT33u1 PTT33u2 PTT38u
Monthly Subscription $32.10 $35.31 $40.66 $72.76 $35.31 $35.31 $40.66
PTT 1-to1 Service
Free PTT 1-to-1 minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cross Fleet Per Minute 5.35 ¢1 5.35 ¢1 Unlimited Unlimited 5.35 ¢1 5.35 ¢1 Unlimited
PTT 1-2-All Talkgroup and SDG Service2
Free PTT 1-2-All Minutes - 100 200 300 100 100 200
Phone Service All incoming phone calls are free
Free Outgoing Phone Minutes4 30 200 200 550 1007 2007 2007
Free GRID-to-GRID SMS5 - 300 300 300 300 300 300
Free GRID-to-GSM SMS6 - 500 500 500 500 500 500
Value-Added Phone Service Lowest offpeak phone charges in town at $3.21ct/min. Charges apply from 6pm to 8am, Mon to Fri and all day for Sat, Sun and Public Holidays.
Caller ID $5.35 $5.35 Free Free Free $5.35 Free


  1. Monthly excess cross fleet charges capped at $10.70.
  2. SDGC is $1.07 per month per user and will share the free talkgroup minutes.
    Excess SDGC charge: 5.35ct per min. No cap for SDGC charges.
    1. Monthly Excess talkgroup carges capped at $64.20. Exclude SDGC charges.
    2. Monthly excess talkgroup charges capped at $42.80. Exclude SDGC charges.
  3. Excess phone charges: Peak Hour 16.05ct per min (from 8am to 6pm, Mon to Fri).
    3.21ct per min (from 6pm to 8am, Mon to Fri and all day for Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)
  4. Excess GRID-to-GRID SMS charges: 2.14ct per SMS.
  1. Excess GRID-to-GSM SMS charges: 5.35ct per SMS.
  2. GRID will automatically suspend the outgoing mobile phone service once the subscriber used up 100 / 200 minutes of outgoing mobile phone call in the month.
    The phone service will be re-activated in the following month.
    1. To enjoy pooling, all IDs must be in the same billing account, same fleet and subscribe to pooling plans. Unlimited minutes are not included in pooling.
      Pooling is not applicable to PTT33u1/PTT33u2, PTT38U plans.
    2. Data service is available at $10.70 for first 50MB used with excess charged at 0.86ct/KB
    3. Enjoy per second billing on Push-To-Talk (PTT) calls
  3. All Prices include prevailing GST (7%)