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Push-To-Talk Services



TASSTA is a Push-To-Talk Application offered by GRID, designed primarily for group calls. It comprises several integrated technologies to offer a single solution which allows users to communicate more effectively through well-known features such as Push-To-Talk, messaging, data service and GPS location tracking. TASSTA also comes with dispatcher and critical communications functionalities as well.


1 Priority Call

2 Group Call

3 Individual Call

4 Status Messages, Text / Data Exchange

5 Man Down / Lone Worker

6 Voice Recording and Call History


7 Emergency Calls / Messages

8 GPS Location and Tracking

9 Local Positioning System*

10 Geofencing

11 Enterprise Management and Control (EMC)*

12 Dynamic Group Call

13 E2E Encryption

*This is a customised solution

Other Key Features

Enterprise Management and Control (EMC)*

  • Task/order/issue tracking in real time
  • Customer service data
  • QR-code, Barcode and Near-Field Communication (NFC) integration for control Group


Cross-Platform System

Cross-Platform System
Works perfectly with any mobile devices with Android Operating System and iOS. Also works on Windows desktop platform.

Grants all the benefits of Two-Way Radios

Grants all the benefits of Two-Way Radios

Affordable, scalable and low risk

Affordable, scalable and low risk

User Friendly

User Friendly
GRID’s TASSTA makes communication easier.


Your smartphone replaces your radio terminal.


GRID’s TASSTA is easily customisable to meet your requirements.


GRID is responsive to your needs.


GRID’s TASSTA provides the complete solution in terms of team communications and co-ordination, be it on site or off-site, maintains safety and security of teams with features like location management with GPS, Lone Worker Capability, Emergency Functionality etc. With all these offerings, you can communicate, co-ordinate and connect to fellow colleagues locally and around the world!

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