Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS)

Fibre Broadband - Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS)

Harnessing The Technology and Boosting Capabilities with FRS

GRID’s Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS)

As Singapore’s enhanced network service provider, GRID Communications is approved by IDA to provide the FRS to qualified building owners.  This is in line with Singapore’s SMART nation vision to make buildings broadband ready.  In addition to providing telecommunication infrastructures, GRID is capable to provide a one-stop solution package of project management, end-to-end turnkey solutions such as Cloud Wi-Fi, fibre broadband services, wireless communications etc.  There are numerous business and infrastructure benefits for being Fibre Ready.

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Improve tenant satisfaction due to higher data bandwidth capabilities.
  • Increase marketability of the real estate space due to building fibre ready distinction.
  • Streamlined installation process as fibre based digital equipment can serve multiple tenants.
  • Lower the cost of making fibre ready services available to tenants as a fibre ready building.
  • Shorten the time for tenants to apply for fibre broadband services from broadband or retail service providers.
  • Enables ease of provisioning of fibre broadband services and in a faster turnaround time for tenants.

 Benefits for Building Owners:

  • Funding of up to 90% is available from IDA*.
  • Reduced cost of installing in-building infrastructure.
  • One-time installation for entire building reduces the need of ad hoc installation work.
  • Minimises fire hazard as cables are installed in proper trays/trunkings.
  • Facilitates access to fibre services in the building.
  • Allows all fibre broadband service providers to make use of in-building infrastructure installed using the FRS grant.

* For a limited time period, IDA is offering a Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS) of funding up to 90% of the infrastructure cost, to encourage and help building owners/management alleviate the cost of laying a well-equipped fibre broadband infrastructure in their buildings. (More information on FRS and application of grants can be found at The funding set aside (available until March 2017) will however, not be sufficient to cover all eligible buildings in Singapore.  Availability will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Building owners/managements are encouraged to take advantage of this scheme early to avoid disappointment.

For more information on GRID’s Fibre Ready Scheme and other fibre broadband services, please click here (download the white papers).  Please contact us at 6486 8777 for more details.