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We understand how important fleet safety means to your business as driver errors caused 90% of road accidents, and the additional cost incurred as a result.
Why Attend this Workshop?
GRID SaferDrive™ enables vehicle owners of large enterprises, small businesses and commercial fleets to take control of their drivers’ safety with a proven vehicle solution. Find out from our speakers about this amazing solution and a free 3 months trial during this workshop.

Who should attend this Workshop?
If you are exploring an in-vehicle solution to improve your company’s fleet safety record with a fleet of at least 20 vehicles, you are welcome to join us in this free workshop.

About GRID Communications
As a joint venture between Singtel and ST Telemedia since 2000, we’ve got the expertise and infrastructure to push the boundaries of telecommunications and technology to deliver leading-edge solutions for your company, across multiple industries. Think 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Carrier-grade PTT.
Now’s your chance to find out how in this exclusive event happening on 5 July from 2-5pm.
Seats are limited. Registration ends 28 June 2019.
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If you would like to find out more about the workshop, please contact us via enquiry@grid.net.sg