General Purpose Two-Way Radio


For organisations needing localised 2-way radio solutions within a building or at a single site, a reliable and economical solution would be GRID’s general purpose two-way (GP) radios. There’s no monthly subscription to pay for but just an annual license fee (payable to IMDA). GRID’s GP radio solutions are easy to deploy and comes with good voice quality and low latency call setups. GRID also has repeater solutions for organizations needing extended coverage within a building or at a single site location.

GRID’S GP Radios



GRID carries a range of GP radios of various brands (such as Motorola and Kirisun). GRID’s GP radios are suitable for organizations (such as hospitals, shopping malls and construction sites) where the usage of the two-way radios are confined to within a single building or at single site where island wide coverage is not needed. The reliable two-way radios allow organizations to have instantaneous communication setup for their operational and security staff. The only recurring cost is an annual license fee for the use of the two-way radios, which helps to optimize an organizations’ communication cost.

GRID’s Repeater Solution

All private two-way radios, without the aid of trunk mode, have limited communication range among themselves. For operations involving a large area or in a multi-storey building, the range of the private radios may be inadequate to cover the area of operations. In such a situation, GRID’s repeaters help in extending the radio range while stretching the capabilities of the two-way radios to scale up their functionalities. With GRID’s repeaters, UHF frequency radios are also able to talk to VHF frequency radios within your fleet of radio users.



In-Building Two-Way Radio Customer References

Below is the list of customers whose two-way communication systems that GRID has helped set up:

  • Parliament House
  • Ng Teng Fong Hospital
  • MMRC Pasir Laba Rifle Range
  • Singapore Pools Building
  • Marina Bay Financial Centre – DBS Tower III
  • Orchard Gateway Hotel
  • Microsoft Data Centre
  • Hyflux Tuas Plant
  • Gardens By The Bay
  • CCD Singapore Plant
  • Laxness Butyl Plant
  • Asia Square
  • 112 Katong Mall
  • Takashimaya Mall
  • Singapore Freeport
  • CleanTech One
  • JEM
  • Singapore Expo
  • Interpol Global Complex
  • Mount Alvernia Hospital
  • Pan Pacific Orchard
  • The Hereen
  • Mead Johnson Nutrition Singapore
  • GE Aviation
  • Amgen Pharmaceutical

 In Summary

Whatever your two-way communication needs may be, GRID has the right solution to fit your needs. You may start small today and as your business grows, we have the right solutions to help you stretch the capabilities of your two-way radios.