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Talkie Lock


GRID’s Talkie Lock Application enables companies to secure, control and manage corporate data and mobile devices of their employees, regardless of their location from our dashboard. Our GRID Talkie Lock is an Android Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and works as a replacement to traditional MDM solution. By Kiosk lockdown mode and real-time remote device management capability, you can control your Android devices at a fraction of the cost of a traditional MDM solution.

Once activated, our Talkie Lock turns Android devices into Kiosk mode, which simply means that the device home screen is replaced with a customisable screen that limits user access to only authorised applications. It allows administrators to block use of the Android OS settings so that employees cannot fiddle with the device settings, install non-essential apps such as games or access data consuming websites.


1 Prevent Misuse- Setting up of a customised home screen so as to remotely authorise access to applications and websites right for your company

2 Security Incidents– Security incidents record the incidents in the security logs when anyone tries to forcefully exit or swap SIM card on the registered Android devices

3 Location Tracking- Helps you determine and track your device’s precise location. You can also turn on/off device location service remotely from dashboard

4 Effective Content Management – Effortlessly distribute all types of files from your administrator dashboard to all the registered user devices


Many industries like logistics, transportation, etc. are embracing mobility solutions to have uninterrupted communications and access to real-time information. Our Talkie Lock also helps in tracking locations of the on-field employees in real time.

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