Job Dispatch

Job dispatch is a web-based (internet) work dispatch management service, which allows companies to manage their mobile workforce more effectively. User can assign or re-dispatch work order to the mobile workforce and expect up-to-the-minute online reporting. Rich in innovative features and functionality, job dispatch offers workflow coordinators and mobile workers the power of superior communications and real-time job status tracking.

The control centre operator can send jobs to the field workers, review jobs and re-assign to other workers. With history log file, jobs can be reviewed to measure job performance.

Job dispatch is ideal for hotel, airlines, logistics, transportation, delivery, courier service, wholesales distribution, field service and maintenance and companies with field workforce and multiple vehicles.



WAP-enabled phone and Internet connection



  • The results are streamlined processes that increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve customer service.
  • The job order is stored in the phones for staff’s reference. Accurate communication of job details facilitate accurate job fulfillment.
  • No heavy investment in system and equipments are required.

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