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GRID Track solution offers your business a complete, end-to-end suite of tracking solution for your tracking and fleet management needs. By logging on the internet, you can track and monitor your company’s mobile workforce and vehicles up-to-the-minute throughout Singapore.

This intelligent system utilizes advance technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless communication to make your business operations more efficient. It comes with full range of features that allow you to track, send and receive messages and generate reports.

GRID Track benefits companies with mobile workforce such as the transportation, security firms as well as government agencies. Transportation company owners can track their vehicles and assign jobs to the drivers in a most cost-effective manner.


1 Report Generation

2 Schedule Tracking Automatically – All or specific IDs can be tracked daily by the system at user’s required interval and period

3 Live Tracking with Trails – Provides the live location of selected IDs

4 Historical Tracking – Playback to show historical movement


Save Operational Cost

Save Operational Cost
By reducing the possibility of idle time during traffic and maximizing the utilization of your fleet

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Increase in Customer Satisfaction
When delivery is well managed and on time, customers are more likely to stay loyal and return for additional service

Provides Route Optimisation

Provides Route Optimisation
Real-time data on the location of every vehicle in better route planning for your fleet

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