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In today’s competitive business environment, it has become increasingly essential for companies to operate efficiently and effectively. With GRID Messaging, important information and instructions can be disseminated conveniently and quickly to your mobile workforce for immediate action to increase your productivity and to ensure customer satisfaction.

GRID Messaging is a wireless messaging application that allows you to send SMS to an individual or broadcast SMS to your entire fleet. All you require is a PC or a notebook with internet access and you will be able to send messages to your team anytime, anywhere.


1 Web Interface with Easy Access

2 Export All Messages into MS Excel for Analysis

3 Broadcast Information and Communicate via SMS

4 Personalised Address Book

5 Track Responses with Timestamp


Instant Deliverability

Instant Deliverability

Allows you to save time, especially for an urgent information to be disseminated, as SMS is a direct and immediate channel



as broadcast SMS connects to a big group of people in just one go, it ensures that the same message reaches everyone on the list

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

as 1 SMS limits you to 160 characters in text, your messages will usually be precise, short and meaningful to the receiver

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