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Dispatch Messenger is an application software that works like a normal GRID phone. It allows you to make or receive PTT 1-to-1 calls and Group calls on a computer or laptop. This solution is ideal for businesses that have both indoor and outdoor teams that require a platform to communicate efficiently.


1 Private Call and Call Alert

2 Group Calls

3 Emergency Group Call – GRID’s subscription applicable

4 Special Features – Dispatch Voice Note & Voicemail

*Note: Phone calls and SMS are not supported

System Requirements

1 Window 2000, Window 7 Operating System

2 128MB of RAM, and at least 3GB hard disk space

3 Internet Explorer 8.0 – or higher version

4 Internet connection: 3G/LTE broadband, WIFI or LAN – Specific ports on Firewall need to be opened

5 Audio I/O devices – sound card, microphone and speaker

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