Shopping Mall WiFi Solutions


Customers today expect establishments to provide free Wi-Fi spot either to check their email, to chat, to access their social media accounts or simply to surf the net. Many establishments such as Shopping Malls, Retails, Restaurants and Cafes offer guest Wi-Fi to their customers. Instead of offering an open access usage, establishments can have a landing page called “Captive Portal”, which requires customers to register and login before allowing access to their Wi-Fi networks. A good Captive Portal allows establishments to raise brand awareness, marketing activities, gathering of customers’ profile seamlessly and even to generate revenues. Various promotions and discounts can be sent to customers when they login to the Wi-Fi networks through a Captive Portal. Giving good Wi-Fi experience to customers also encourages customer loyalty. Information collected about these customers can also be used to tailor targeted promotions or timed advertisements to customers based on their interests and their likings.

About Captive Portal

Captive portal presents to the customer a log-in page on a public-access network, where a customer is obligated to interact with before internet access is granted. The customer can be granted access based on his Facebook profile and/or creating an account using an email address and password. The captive portal requires the user to acknowledge the usage terms and conditions of access by clicking an approval button. Captive portals are typically used by shopping malls, airports, hotel lobbies, retail shops, Restaurants, Cafes, and other venues that offer free Wi-Fi hot spots for Internet users.

Benefits of Captive Portal

Here are six reasons why business establishments should employ captive portals when offering free Wi-Fi access:

  • Branding

Having a captive portal means establishments can have a landing page to identify their brands and to boost marketing messages. Establishments could feature time advertisements to ensure that users perform a desired action or view said ads for a certain amount of time before permitting to use the Wi-Fi network.

  • Customer Analytics Collection

Captive portals allow establishments (e.g. hotels) to collect data pertaining to their guest usage profile. Data could be used for accounting based on time, date and the users themselves. Data collected could be used for targeted marketing based on the demographic, spending habits and profile of the users. Captive portals allow guests to login via Facebook as an option. Logging in using Facebook accounts gives customers a hassle free setting up of login accounts and free them from needing to manage multiple login credentials (no need to remember multiple passwords). For the business establishments, a large amount of the users’ personal information such as their friends, likes and dislikes can be collected. Based on the information collected, business establishments can offer targeted and exclusive deals to their loyal customers and create a better user experience and engagement for them.

  • Promotion and Sales Coupon

To attract customers, establishments such as restaurants and retail shops, can provide a good-today-only coupon that offers specific promotion or discounts to selected on-site customers when they login to their guest accounts.

  • Customer Experience

Customers these days tend to visit establishments with good Wi-Fi hotspot. By giving them good user experience, it will ensure that they become regular and loyal customers.

  • Revenue Generating

Not every establishment offers free Wi-Fi usage (e.g. Non guest users of hotels and sports events at stadium). In such a case, having a captive portal allows establishments to offer various usage plans for users to choose from and to make online payment before allowing access. Captive portal can also be a mobile billboard and rent advertising space to other companies.


Simplicity and Flexibility

  • Works with all major equipment supplier

Device-agnostics – Works with equipment provided by major Wi-Fi manufacturers, such as Cisco, Aruba, Motorola and others. Software can be deployed easily and service can be provided across multiple sites within a short time.

  • Simple to set-up

Setting up Retail Wi-Fi couldn’t be easier. Our intuitive setup wizard enables you to create new customer experience within seconds.

  • Easy to use

Using GRID’s online dashboard, one could quickly see customer analytics, manage customers’ access to the network and create new marketing campaigns.

Reliability and Powerful

  • Reliable

GRID’s solutions are carrier grade class grade that supports many users concurrently with high reliability and scalability as the business grows.

  • Secure

GRID’s service offers a managed RADIUS/AAA and 802.1x access security solutions that securely authenticate and control network access for all users and devices without the cost and complexity on premise RADIUS deployment.

  • The Cloud

GRID’S cloud-based Captive Portal enables organisations to deploy Wi-Fi user login authentication via a web page. Branding and marketing of services and products to users are also part of the package.


Providing user registration and authentication through the use of a good captive portal is of paramount importance, not just to keep customers happy, but also a powerful business and marketing tool. Many establishments are now doing away with the traditional way of marketing their product and services in favor of captive portal. Let us focus on the technology while you focus on your business. Please contact us at 6486 8777 for more details.