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If you own or run any business that requires a fleet of vehicles, it’s worth it to invest in a fleet management system. Whether you run a delivery company, maintenance and repairs provider, or private chauffeur service, a fleet management system can help you organise and manage all of your vehicles using a single centralised system.

So what exactly is a fleet management system? It is a system that ensures your vehicle fleet can run on time, at optimum efficiency, and without exceeding your budget. Having such a system in place not only helps you better visualise your fleet while vehicles are on the move, but enables you to better plan out and manage cost of ownership over time.

GRID Communications is a leading public telecommunications walkie talkie service provider in Singapore that also provides sophisticated fleet management systems to companies across all industries. Our proprietary GRID Smart Safety and Tracking Solution enables large enterprises, small businesses, commercial fleets, and private vehicle owners to take control of vehicle safety and better manage what happens behind the wheel.

Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons why our fleet management system is an ideal investment for your business:

1. Increase productivity

Fleet management systems can increase productivity for both your fleet and overall business operations. GRID’s SaferDrive™ mobile application turns any smartphone into a responsive in-vehicle driving coach, and even comes with telematic features to gather and store real-time location and GPS data that you can analyse later on.

With such a system in place, you can better keep track of the various routes your drivers use and identify predictable patterns over time. This could be through identifying shortcuts that enable drivers to complete their routes in a shorter time, or finding periods where heavier traffic can slow down and delay routes. Post-drive insights and intuitive management tools also help both drivers and fleet managers understand how drivers are faring compared to their teammates or other vehicles.

2. Reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs

Integrated vehicle tracking features in a fleet management system enable you to have better oversight over fuel consumption, idling time, engine hours, safety events, vehicle health, and more. Our SaferDrive™ Safety-Tracking features include dashboards to monitor real-time fleet activity, vehicle health, and vehicle-specific high cost levels. This can help you save between 10-30% in fuel annually, gives you better control over overheads, and even helps anticipate breakdowns before they occur.

3. Improve driver behaviour and wellness

A fleet management system can also go a long way to improving driver behaviour and wellness. Our SaferDrive™ Telematics Unit detects driver manoeuvres, and classifies and evaluates them based on safety levels. Both safety and tracking are integrated in our system, giving fleet managers greater visibility on individual drivers’ performance. This gives you more options for managing personnel and resource allocation.

4. Reduce accidents and related costs

By improving driver behaviour, our fleet management system is estimated to help to save on 70% of accidents and related costs annually. Our SaferDrive™ mobile application alerts drivers to safety events and distracted driving, minimising human error and helping to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and cargo. Real-time vehicle tracking feedback via the SaferDrive™ Telematics Unit also provides drivers with visual display and auditory alerts on unsafe driving behaviour.

5. Improve brand value

The GRID SaferDrive™ solution helps you emphasise self-awareness and self-correction to your drivers, and encourages drivers to better monitor and constantly improve their performance while on the clock. By keeping your drivers safe, improving productivity, and better managing costs, a fleet management system helps you improve your brand value and stand out in a competitive market.

Improve your Brand Value with our Fleet Management System Solutions

Simply put, there are many immediate as well as long-term benefits of installing a fleet management or vehicle tracking system for your vehicle fleet in Singapore. Companies in Singapore that adopt our Smart Safety and Tracking Solution can expect to see a 3 months return on investment, with positive long-term effects across your organisation.

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