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Companies in Singapore depend upon various channels of communication in their day-to-day work operations so that employees can smoothly relay information between themselves. The most common channels of communication in modern workplaces are instant messaging and email applications for mobile phones and computers with the use of the Internet. Some companies may even still use SMS messaging or landlines.

Though these technologies are useful in office-based work, they still have their limitations and might not be as reliable for teams out on the field. Network limitations in some areas will make messaging, calling or emailing colleagues impossible, causing delays and affecting productivity. At the same time, security and management can be an issue as these channels might not have a tight security system and a central system where managers can monitor their employees on the field.

With this, you’ll need a reliable communication system that not only makes transmitting and receiving information more efficient but also secure.

Walkie talkies are an effective and secure alternative communication method suitable for you and your employees out in the field. Find out more about the benefits of walkie talkies in our blog.


How Walkie Talkie Services Bridge the Communication Gap


Walkie talkies or two-way radios are handheld, portable devices that communicate wirelessly using radio waves on a single, shared frequency. Each unit contains a transmitter and antenna, a loudspeaker or microphone, and a push-to-talk button. They’re also dust-proof and waterproof, making them durable communication devices for those working in the field.

The biggest advantage of using walkie talkies is that you and your employees can engage in instant voice communication while on-site. This makes it especially beneficial for a wide range of industries and sectors including:

The push-to-talk function on walkie talkies allows on-the-spot, straightforward voice communication between employees, especially when expediency is required. Walkie talkies are also more convenient in places with a lack of signal access or in times of emergencies when the network is overloaded – allowing you to maintain constant contact even in emergency or high-risk situations.


Why Engage GRID as your Walkie Talkie Service Provider?


Numerous walkie talkie service providers in Singapore promise advanced features and effective communication with their equipment. However if you’re looking for a  PTT walkie talkie solution that’s trusted by many numerous companies in the country, then GRID Communications should be your service provider of choice.

GRIDTalk is our one-of-a-kind walkie talkie solution that transcends the traditional two-way radio service in Singapore. By partnering with us, you get an integrated one-vendor solution with a full suite of functionalities across our whole walkie talkie ecosystem of handsets, operating systems, applications, and networks.

You can also enjoy the following advantages when using our system:

1. Instant and Unlimited Communication

Experience unlimited real-time communication with our advanced walkie talkie service. Your employees in Singapore will be able to easily communicate through private calls, PTT alerts, and group calls without worrying about message delays or the cost of data consumption.

2. Great Service Quality

What sets our walkie talkie service apart is that we have high-priority network traffic on dedicated access to Singapore’s largest LTE 4G network. With our island-wide coverage, employees can transmit and receive information and engage in calls with little to no network disruption issues.

3. Cost-Effective Communication System

Our long-term service comes with Enterprise Cost Control to prevent bill shock from excess data consumption under tariff cost management. If you simply need a walkie talkie for short-term rent, we have a flexible rental scheme that will best suit your needs within your intended usage period.

4. Secure Communication and Information Among Employees

Have peace of mind knowing your communication lines are secure with our enhanced end-to-end security. Our walkie talkie service in Singapore is equipped with AES 256 Encryption from SIM card to network, SIM Auto-login, as well as Network Side Service Control Mechanisms.


Partner with Us to Improve Communication Within Your Organisation


Do you want to know more about our walkie talkie service in Singapore? You can talk to our customer sales representative for a consultation where they can walk you through all you need to know about GRIDTalk.

Should you choose us as your walkie talkie rental service or supplier, we provide your organisation with comprehensive end-to-end customer service including sales consultations, technical assistance, user training, as well as extensive customer support service during usage.

Be sure to reach out to us for walkie talkie-related enquiries and quick assistance, our service centre is also located in Singapore.

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