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In our last article, we gave you a brief introduction of our latest Push-To-Talk service plan, GRIDTalk. We also provided you a glimpse of the key features in this solution.

GRIDTalk is the only PTT solution with a high priority dedicated service on Singapore’s largest LTE 4G network within a fully compatible ecosystem that is not offered by any Push-to-Talk service provider in Singapore.


How does high priority dedicated service result in a seamless PTT call experience?

To illustrate and just imagine this. You are driving along the expressway during peak hour. The road is congested and the traffic comes to a crawl. Similarly, a shared consumer network can get congested at times if too many users attempt to connect to the same network at the same time and in the same location.


High-Priority Traffic with Dedicated Access to SG’s largest LTE 4G


On the other hand, GRIDTalk helps to alleviate this problem. How do we achieve that?


Simply put, GRID’s PTT application server integrates directly into the mobile core network and resides in the network provider’s Local Data Centre for added security. The PTT service is assigned with Quality of Service mechanism under the LTE network to ensure traffic is allocated with an appropriate priority PTT services. This also translate to a secure PTT communications with full control of coverage, device and security. This ensures that the service gets the necessary priority to setup and maintain the PTT call for a consistent PTT performance.


In a nutshell, this feature clearly highlights the advantage that GRIDTalk holds over other OTT-PTT solutions today. Stay tuned for our next article as we will share with you some other key features in GRIDTalk that makes this solution a game changer.


To find out how GRIDTalk can potentially help you with a more consistent PTT experience, get in touch with our sales representatives today for a non-obligatory chat! grid.net.sg/customer-service/contact-us/



About our customers


Our customers come from a wide distribution of government ministries, statutory boards and private industries. It includes the public safety and emergency agencies as well as business users in the private sector which includes construction, logistics, transport, courier, distribution, field services, security, exhibition organisers, seaports, banking and finance, airports, integrated resorts, hospitality and utility companies. For customers in the Oil and Gas industry, we provide them Intrinsic Safe handsets to facilitate safe communication within this harsh operating environment.