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Being a densely populated modern city with a significant motor vehicle population, it is not difficult to imagine that drivers on Singapore roads have to be alert at all times to avoid any forms of traffic accidents. In 2018, there were 7,690 cases of traffic incidents resulting in injuries according to the ‘Annual Road Traffic Situation 2018’ report1 released by Singapore Police Force. It was also notable that there were over 156,000 speeding violations last year.

According to this same report1 , a national road safety campaign for 2019 was launched with the theme “Take the Road to Responsibility” “to engage the public and improve their awareness of road safety concerns. Over the past few years, the traffic landscape has changed significantly with the increasing prevalence of personal mobility devices and power-assisted bicycles. There is a need to promote greater graciousness and responsibility amongst increasingly diverse groups of road users, and help them adjust and adapt to a more complex traffic environment. ”

So what does it mean for fleet owners like you? With heavy vehicles, your drivers are faced with the responsibility in looking out for smaller vehicles and pedestrians. Often experiencing more blind spots than other smaller vehicle types, a split second carelessness, fatigue or distractions on the road could result in a catastrophic accident resulting in loss of vehicle or even injuries and deaths. It is thus of utmost importance that improving driver safety becomes a key priority as part of your business considerations.

There are many technological road solutions today which aim to help businesses improve their safety records in fleet management. GRID SaferDrive in partnership with GreenRoad, is one of these solutions from a global leader in fleet performance management. When it comes to Driver Safety, GreenRoad‘s objective in-vehicle feedback with patented algorithm analyzes and corrects more than 150 maneuvers and compound events across five categories:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Lane handling
  • Cornering
  • Speeding

Downloading and setting up of the application on your smartphone is also a breeze. The application works with the advanced technology in your smartphone to recognise the different vehicle types in your fleet such as trucks, buses and vans. From the fleet management software, you can access the safety scores by driver, trip or different units within your company.

Now’s the chance to find out for yourself as GRID Communications is offering a FREE 3 months trial* for GRID SaferDrive. Registration starts from now till 5pm, 30 June 2019 so don’t miss this opportunity to experience this vehicle solution firsthand! Get in touch with us at www.grid.net.sg/saferdrive-trial and our friendly sales representatives will be in touch with you.

*Terms and conditions apply.

1 https://www.police.gov.sg/news-and-publications/statistics?category=Road%20Traffic%20Situation