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Incorporating Fleet Management System is a constructive solution which significantly helps in tracking and monitoring the movement of vehicles in real time. The supply and maintenance of vehicle tracking systems for fleet management are rapidly growing recently. Vehicle tracking systems are speedily becoming an essential tool for many business owners who own a vast fleet to improve their efficiency and as a result, increase profitability. A proper vehicle tracking will lead to excellent results.

Before you select the best fleet management system to facilitate the needs of your business, here are some tips to note.


1. Understand your business objectives

Many providers can propose you with the tons of benefits and features of their vehicle tracking system, but only a few will offer you the reliable and comprehensive fleet management solution exactly as you need. Be specific on what your business requires by making a list of all your requirements and do ask for a quote.

Although it is good to know all that you require are in it, it should not be the only reason to make a decision to purchase fleet management system.


2. Know your Budget

Determining the best vehicle tracking system for your needs and budget will depend on these 2 key points:

• Your operations, and
• Amount of money saved by investing in an effective fleet management system.

A comparative study needs to be done to narrow your search and finally arrives at a fleet management system that economically benefits you other than meeting your business objectives.

By setting a budget, it helps you prioritize the fleet management features you need.


3. Prioritize the Fleet Management features you need

When identifying the top features, remember to include the following basic but important factors:

• Fleet Safety Management
• Reduction in incidence of human errors
• Fuel management
• Vehicle maintenance scheduling among others


4. Find an expert

As you choose a Fleet Management System, it is important to find a reputable and reliable dealer or domain expert in vehicle tracking to assist you with setup, maintenance and after sales service. Selecting a recognized supplier will allow your business to equip itself with the tools needed to increase profitability. Settle on the wrong suppliers though can lead to frustrating delays, upset customers and shrinking profitability.

For enquires about GRID Fleet Management solution – SaferDrive™ – email us at enquiry@grid.net.sg or call 6482 7555.

You can also visit GRID SaferDrive™ page to learn more about our solution for you.


About GRID Communications

At GRID Communications, we understand vehicles and technology are an essential part of achieving your company’s business goals. That is why we have invested a team of expert consultants to ensure your fleet is continually operating at peak efficiency and optimise your driver’s safety. We’re a partner that collaborates with customers to consistently drive value for their organisations.

As the leading public telecommunications walkie-talkie network operator in Singapore, our GRID SaferDrive™ turns your smartphone into an intelligent, in-vehicle driving coach. Additionally, we incorporate post driving insights using the most advanced technology. GRID SaferDrive™ is suitable for large and small businesses, commercial fleets and private vehicle owners. We aim to help fleet managers take control of their drivers’ safety, and reduce the incidence of human error behind the wheel in order to enhance operational efficiency.

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