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Do you know that driver errors cause 90% of road accidents? The five most common causes of road accidents in Singapore are;


  • Failure to Keep a Proper Lookout (Distracted Driving);
  • Failure to Have Proper Control (Speeding, Reckless or Drink Driving);
  • Failure to Give Way to Traffic with the Right of Way;
  • Changing of Lanes without Due Care;
  • Disobeying TrafficLight Signals (Attempting to Beat Red Lights).


The above causes can all be attributed to poor driving behaviors of drivers on the road.  If good driving behaviors can be inculcated into drivers, many of the accidents on the road can be prevented.


Road accidents, even if damages are covered by insurance, can be costly to companies due to non-availability of the vehicle while it is undergoing repairs or waiting for a replacement vehicle.  As a result, there would be loss of productivity and opportunity cost due to loss of opportunity to generate profits while waiting for the vehicle to be available again.


Building Better Driving Habits


SaferDrive™ turns your smartphone into an intelligent, in-vehicle driving coach with post driving insights


SaferDriveTM is an app that builds upon leading driver behaviour technology.  It enables large enterprises, small businesses, commercial fleets and private vehicle owners to take control of their drivers’ safety and reduce the incidence of human error behind the wheel.  SaferDriveTM, an app that resides on android smartphones, has automated features to help drivers to focus on the most important task at hand, which is driving safely.


The app leverages on the driver’s mobile device sensors to detect motion, automatically starting and ending trips without requiring the driver to log in (unless the driver selected “off duty” following their last trip). The app also continuously runs in the background, with the option for drivers to click to display it on their screen at any time.  SaferDriveTM works basically by:


  1. Motivating your drivers to improve their risky behavior;
  2. Reducing collision, wear & tear, insurance and fuel costs;
  3. Exploring driving trips and safety events;
  4. Live Tracking your fleet wherever you are.


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