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In our last article, we discussed how it became more apparent to key industries that a reliable PTT walkie talkie experience is essential during circuit breaker.  As a business owner, how should you approach your operational spending in the weeks or months to come during this difficult period?

Assessing a new or existing Push-To-Talk service plan may be one of the operational decisions to take. If your existing plan is already out of contract, you could keep your existing provider for business continuity reasons. Or, are you looking out for a ‘cheaper’ solution?

But is ‘cheaper’ equivalent to being more ‘cost effective’? How will a ‘cheaper’ but less ‘effective’ solution impact on my business? Is it always the best option or compromise to take? In this article, we will touch on some of the key considerations in choosing the right service provider. Hopefully, this will provide you with some food for thought.


  1. Who is this Push-To-Talk provider?

Firstly, ask yourself these questions. Would you trust your business with this provider whom you will be relying on for your communication needs? Do they have a good track record in Singapore? Are they a reputable provider in the industry? How long have they been around? Are they financially sound? These would give you a reasonable indication on whether this provider is likely still going to be around in the years to come, especially so in this challenging economic climate.


  1. Do they have any experience serving other customers in your industry?

You can’t be 100% sure if the provider is able to meet your needs before signing the service contract. It’s a leap of faith from a sales presentation or a website that you visited. Do a background check if your provider has a track record of customers from your industry. What are the credentials of these customers they serve? Speak to them if they happen to be in your business network on their experience with the service. It is a barometer that helps you to make a more calculated decision. After all, it is not just your signature, but your business continuity on the dotted line. Do not fall into the mindset of asking a barber if you need a haircut.


  1. How do I know if I am paying for what my business needs?

Conduct a deep dive into your operational needs by consulting the actual users. Find out about their experience or pain points in using a PTT service. If it’s an existing service, check on how they feel about changing providers. Or what do they think are features that could improve on current operations. A decision should not be rushed to avoid any potential disruption to operations without the support of your users.


  1. How about after sales service?

Aftersales service should not be an afterthought. It should be taken as a key consideration since contracts are legally binding. Cheaper solutions may offer you savings in subscription every month. But when there are problems, what is the cost of disruption to your business as compared to the savings from your subscription? What is your provider’s troubleshooting arrangement? Are they providing you an all-in-one solution including hardware and software? Or do you need to approach the hardware manufacturer and software provider separately? Do they have a physical service centre with a full-fledged customer service team in Singapore to count on?


The theme for businesses this year will no doubt be keeping your bottom line in check. Immediate business savings may appear important in the short term. Working with the right partners could however help you to stay ahead of competition by driving your business forward once the economy recovers.

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About our customers

Our customers come from a wide distribution of government ministries, statutory boards and private industries. It includes the public safety and emergency agencies as well as business users in the private sector which includes construction, logistics, transport, courier, distribution, field services, security, exhibition organisers, seaports, banking and finance, airports, integrated resorts, hospitality and utility companies. For customers in the Oil and Gas industry, we provide them Intrinsic Safe handsets to facilitate safe communication within this harsh operating environment.The reliable push-to-talk service for all situations.