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Push-To-Talk (PTT) voice communications over cellular (PoC), has now come of age. There are many free Over-the-Top Push-to-Talk (OTT PTT) applications that anyone can install on their smartphones to have PTT or walkie talkie capabilities. On the other hand, there are paid and managed OTT PTT services that users can also subscribe to. So what are the differences between a free OTT PTT service and a managed OTT PTT service?


Quality of Service

Usually, free walkie talkie apps have little or no quality of service (QOS). Users of free walkie talkie apps do not have any recourse for poor QOS and are dependent on the developers to improve or upgrade their apps or services. GRID’s OTT PTT, which is an advanced version of the OTT PTT, comes with strict QOS. It is constantly upgraded and improved to ensure that the service runs smoothly and efficiently. Compared to free walkie talkie apps, GRID’s OTT PTT has faster connection and lower latency rate. Customers’ feedback on QOS issues are taken seriously and rectified as soon as possible.


Customer Service Support

Having customer service support is important as it serves as a regular channel for customers to contact the company for support or to feedback on the services at all times. Developers of free walkie talkie apps provide little or no customer service support to users of their apps. GRID maintains a pool of customer service staff to support its customers and to provide the necessary help to resolve issues that customers may have.


OTT PTT Features

As developers of free walkie talkie apps are usually not paid for their services, their apps come with limited functionalities. The features in these walkie talkie apps are usually adequate for simple one-to-one PTT and limited group call functionalities; but would not be adequate for more complex commercial PTT needs. Examples of features that are absent in free OTT PTT, but present in GRID’s OTT PTT are: multiple and dynamic group calls, location service, emergency service, advanced security, GEO fencing, etc., which are required in businesses with complex operations.


Security Features

Typically, most free walkie talkie apps do not guarantee secured communications. For customers requiring secured PTT communications, GRID’s OTT PTT solution offer Advance Encryption Standard (AES) and End-to-End Encryption (E2EE).


Customisation of Service

Customers who need PTT service that are flexible and able to tailor to their organisations’ needs will find free OTT PTT rigid and with limited capabilities. GRID’s OTT PTT solution is able to take into consideration of customers’ needs and customise to suit different needs. GRID also has different kinds of handsets like smartphone, feature phone etc, to suit customers’ different needs and business requirements



For users needing business grade OTT PTT service, the choice is clear in selecting a managed OTT PTT service that has full customer support and quality of service. The risks and cost of service for not using a reliable and feature rich OTT PTT service are simply too high.