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Since the start of this year, GRID has been stepping up on efforts to safeguard our customers’ operation needs, many of whom are also essential providers.
As part of the preparations, a detailed business continuity plan and an equally important internal communication plan to our staff were put in place to ensure a smooth business operation.

For businesses still in operation, retaining effective communication within their ranks are a top consideration and priority during this difficult period of time.
With heightened safe-distancing measures and circuit breaker rules that kicked in since April, remote communication tools and digital applications to bridge communication gaps are now commonplace.

One such tool is the walkie talkie. The reliability of a walkie talkie with instant connectivity just a split second away could be critical during a crisis like COVID-19.

Within the medical industry, frontline medical personnel may require speed of connectivity to deal with emergency cases. For example, walkie talkies could be used as a communication tool between medical personnel during the transfer of the patient from the ambulance to the hospital ward upon arrival at the hospital. Group communication may also be necessary in other time sensitive industries such as the security industry. With a press of a PTT button, an officer can initiate a call and activate his team to deal with an unforeseen security situation that requires a swift response.

COVID-19 has most significantly created a downdraft to the tourism and hospitality sectors in Singapore. With international air travel at a virtual standstill, some businesses are taking this time to take stock and keep a longer term perspective to be ready for an increase in bookings once travel restrictions are lifted and the situation improves. A reliable walkie talkie experience is a key element from an operations perspective to be successful in the hotel industry.

This is because effectiveness of communication within hotel employees which in turn impacts on the experience of the hotel guests is important to keep hotel guests happy and satisfied. From the time hotel guests arrive at the hotel, their stay in the hotel, and eventually their checking-out process, these will all require prompt communication between the hotel employees to ensure a seamless experience for the guests and their immediate requests. On the flip side, a less than satisfied experience will leave the hotels with a poor review, affecting the hotel’s reputation and one which could turn out to be a costly experience.

Having a centralized and secured push to talk (PTT) walkie talkie solution with comprehensive support from a provider will continue to play an important role for businesses. Maintaining a reliable walkie talkie solution will also ensure that all employees stay connected to one another at work. This should remain a priority for business owners while keeping the morale and spirits of the employees high with less operational worries.

Speak to us today to find out how our tailored PTT walkie talkie solutions can fit into your business needs during this challenging period!


About our customers

Our customers come from a wide distribution of government ministries, statutory boards and private industries. It includes the public safety and emergency agencies as well as business users in the private sector which includes construction, logistics, transport, courier, distribution, field services, security, exhibition organisers, seaports, banking and finance, airports, integrated resorts, hospitality and utility companies. For customers in the Oil and Gas industry, we provide them intrinsically safe handsets to facilitate safe communication within this harsh operating environment.