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Eliminate Bad Habits and Risky Driving Behaviors with SaferDrive™


SaferDrive™ is an app that builds upon leading driver behaviour technology.  It enables large enterprises, small businesses, commercial fleets and private vehicle owners to take control of their drivers’ safety and reduce the incidence of human error behind the wheel.  SaferDrive™, an app that resides on android smartphones, has automated features to help drivers to focus on the most important task at hand, which is driving safely.  The app leverages on the driver’s mobile device sensors to detect motion, automatically starting and ending trips without requiring the driver to log in (unless the driver selected “off duty” following their last trip). The app also continuously runs in the background, with the option for drivers to click to display it on their screen at any time.

The in-cab display gives fleet-drivers objective, real-time feedback whenever a risky driving event occurs. Simple audio and visual feedback helps fleet drivers quickly self-correct without being distracted from the road. And at the end of every trip, an automatic summary displays the trip safety level and other stats.


Track Your Fleet and Analyze Driver Behavior


The SaferDriver™ app uses a patented algorithm to analyze and corrects more than 150 maneuvers and compound events across six categories:

  1. Cornering
  2. Lane handling
  3. Speeding
  4. Acceleration
  5. Braking
  6. Distracted driving


Once the app is installed, it can easily be set up and configured.  The app works with the advanced technology in your mobile device to recognize different fleet vehicle types from heavy trucks, buses and construction vehicles to light delivery vehicles, trucks, cars and vans.


Driver Scores and Trends Analytics

The fleet management software suite of reporting and analysis capabilities allows you to easily access safety scores by driver, trip, or organisational unit. Use this information to determine where you can apply objective feedback and training to improve fleet drivers’ behavior.


The easy to install technology instantly helps drivers improve and collecting actionable data at the same time.  Reporting functionality can varies depending upon customers’ needs.   Some of the typical reporting features are:


  • Driver behavior statistics, including speeding reports (often showing when and for how long a driver exceeds the speed limit)
  • Driver scoring
  • Mileage reports
  • Accident detection
  • Fuel reports
  • Route reports
  • Vehicle information

Objective Driving Scores Lead to Safer Fleet Drivers


Some fleet drivers may not be fully aware of bad habits they’ve developed. SaferDrive™ provides real-time in-vehicle feedback by analysing and translating risky driving events into a simple metric for each driver and the entire fleet.  The attributes of the system are:


  • The lower the safety score, the better the driver.
  • Easy-to-understand metrics are calculated based on safety events detected while on the road.
  • Safety scores adjust in real time throughout each trip so drivers can make adjustments to their driving behaviour and improve their safety score.
  • Drivers can compare safety scores with teammates to encourage better driving.
  • Managers can track safety scores by fleet, team, driver and vehicle.


Make driving fun and competitive


To positively reinforce a safe driving program, it has to engage and motivate team members. By gamifying the process of driving, the system taps into employees’ mental motivation and rewards centers to create lasting engagement. Here’s how it works:


  • In-the-moment feedback rewards good driving behaviors and corrects safety events (Motivation: Improve “game play”)
  • Safety scores give employees an objective number to improve against (Beat a personal record)
  • Charts show personal vs. team scores to inspire friendly competition (Beat the team’s score)


In-Vehicle Video Shows Risky Fleet Driving Events Exactly as They Happened


SaferDrive™’s in-vehicle video system captures footage of events that trigger safety warnings to give you deep visibility into the root cause of risky driving events. Get the context you need to find the root of safety issues, including:


  • Help fleet drivers and fleet managers uncover root causes of unsafe driving events.
  • View the critical seconds directly before, during, and after safety events.
  • Connect external road factors with driving behaviors to understand what is driver-correctable.
  • Discover and train for the driver skills that make the greatest impact.
  • Always-on recording allows organisations to retrieve any portion of a driver’s trip when necessary.
  • Recordings provide solid evidence to clear your driver of blame in cases of non-fault incidents.


Safety Hotspots


SaferDrive™ fleet management software has an intuitive dashboard that identifies areas where fleet drivers frequently idle or engage in risky driving.


Use Big Data to Pinpoint Route Hazards that Lead to Risky Driving

One of the best ways to make widespread change is to identify trends across your fleet. Whether it’s due to sharp turns or natural hazards, certain locations may create more risky driving situations than others. SaferDrive™’s fleet management hotspot tool lets you identify specific geographic regions where your fleet most frequently engages in risky driving maneuvers, so you can inform your drivers and protect your fleet

Eliminate Fleet Risk with Landmarks and Geo-Fencing

Once you’ve identified your fleet hotspots, you can create custom driver policies and set up landmarks and geo-fences to ensure fleet drivers steer clear or exercise caution in risky areas.


In the next article, we will bring you behind the dashboard of our SaferDrive™ fleet management software and also show you how the instant driving tips can improve your fleet performance.

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