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08/11/2022 by GRID Marketing

If you own or run any business that requires a fleet of vehicles, it’s worth it to invest in a fleet management system. Whether you run a delivery company, maintenance and repairs provider, or private chauffeur service, a fleet management system can help you organise and manage all of your vehicles using a single centralised system. So what exactly is a fleet management system? It is a system that ensures your vehicle fleet can run on time, at optimum efficiency, and without exceeding your budget. Having such a system in place not only helps you better visualise your fleet while…

01/11/2022 by GRID Marketing

Companies in Singapore depend upon various channels of communication in their day-to-day work operations so that employees can smoothly relay information between themselves. The most common channels of communication in modern workplaces are instant messaging and email applications for mobile phones and computers with the use of the Internet. Some companies may even still use SMS messaging or landlines. Though these technologies are useful in office-based work, they still have their limitations and might not be as reliable for teams out on the field. Network limitations in some areas will make messaging, calling or emailing colleagues impossible, causing delays and…