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27/07/2018 by GRID Marketing

Eliminate Bad Habits and Risky Driving Behaviors with SaferDrive™   SaferDrive™ is an app that builds upon leading driver behaviour technology.  It enables large enterprises, small businesses, commercial fleets and private vehicle owners to take control of their drivers’ safety and reduce the incidence of human error behind the wheel.  SaferDrive™, an app that resides on android smartphones, has automated features to help drivers to focus on the most important task at hand, which is driving safely.  The app leverages on the driver’s mobile device sensors to detect motion, automatically starting and ending trips without requiring the driver to log…

20/07/2018 by GRID Marketing

Do you know that driver errors cause 90% of road accidents? The five most common causes of road accidents in Singapore are;   Failure to Keep a Proper Lookout (Distracted Driving); Failure to Have Proper Control (Speeding, Reckless or Drink Driving); Failure to Give Way to Traffic with the Right of Way; Changing of Lanes without Due Care; Disobeying TrafficLight Signals (Attempting to Beat Red Lights).   The above causes can all be attributed to poor driving behaviors of drivers on the road.  If good driving behaviors can be inculcated into drivers, many of the accidents on the road can be prevented.  …

16/07/2018 by GRID Marketing

Customer service is one of the most important parts of any business.  With many companies offering similar services and goods, there are plenty of other options that customers can choose to move to.  As a result, businesses have to work very hard to keep their customers and build trust in their services.   Companies that rely on drivers to deliver products or services to customers are of no exceptions when come to providing good and timely customer service.  Customers expect timely arrival of drivers at their premises to deliver or pick up goods, or to provide services (e.g. servicing a…

06/07/2018 by GRID Marketing

Introducing telematics to your fleet   It is undeniable that the use of telematics and GPS technology has helped fleet managers to control cost and monitor divers’ behaviour.   However, drivers may perceive the implementation of telematics systems and GPS tracking devices as invasion of their privacy may be against the idea of being monitored. Therefore, during the implementation phase, due consideration should be taken into account of the drivers’ sentiment and how they would respond.   To minimize resistance, the system can be implemented in a respectful way by having drivers attend orientation sessions where the policies and benefits of…