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30/05/2018 by GRID Marketing

According to Gartner’s 2017 report, there will be about 20 billion Internet-connect things by 2020.  The Internet of Things (IoT) will have a great impact on the economy by transforming many enterprises into digital businesses and facilitating new business models, improving efficiency and increasing employee and customer engagement.  Many commercial buildings and homes are going smart by incorporating IoT enabled accessories and sensors into their premises.   The challenge for most enterprises is however, on how to harness IoT to reap security and economic benefits for their businesses.   Before the advent of IoT, the systems used in smart buildings tend…

23/05/2018 by GRID Marketing

To be successful in the hotel industry, it is important to keep your guests happy and loyal.   Guests’ experience starts as soon as the booking of their accommodation, to arrival at hotel, their stay in the hotel, and eventually their checking-out process. During the whole journey, guests are bound to have multiple communication experiences with the hotel staff.   A bad communication experience at any stage can leave guests with bad overall experience.  Besides not returning to stay with the hotel again, guest may also share their unhappy experiences over social media which in turn, affects the hotel’s reputation.  Therefore,…

17/05/2018 by GRID Marketing

One of the biggest concerns fleet owners have is the operational cost, be it managing a fleet of cars, buses or trucks, reducing fleet cost. This can be a challenge without first knowing the key cost components.   Five Areas Where Cost Can Be Reduced   Speeding   Driving at excessive speed uses more fuel and incurs higher engine wear and tear.  This will lead to an increase in the cost of fuel and maintenance.   More frequent maintenance of vehicles could also lead to opportunity loss where the vehicles are unable to generate income by being in the workshop.  …

02/05/2018 by GRID Marketing

The hospitality industry is well-positioned to benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) by integrating IoT technologies in their operations, which increases revenue, decreases expenses while simultaneously improving the customer experience.   Benefits of IoT for the hospitality industry Increase optimisation and reduce operational cost To save electricity, hotels can be equipped with smart sensors using IoT lighting technology that adjusts based on the amount of natural light in a room. Similarly, IoT connected thermostat adjusts the temperature to the preferred setting by detecting a room’s occupancy and number of guests. This in turn cuts back on energy costs of…