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16/04/2018 by GRID Marketing

Mobile devices in the recent years have become increasingly pervasive at work as they have powerful computing system and significantly more portable than traditional Personal Computers (PCs) or laptops.   The portability of mobile devices is especially useful for employees who are working away from their desks or offices.  This is crucial as they need to rely on their mobile devices to access data and systems, which are critical in getting their jobs done.   As mobile devices improve and become more powerful, the way to get work done and adoption through them will only continue to gain traction with employees,…

Logistic and Fleet Management
06/04/2018 by GRID Marketing

Two of the biggest challenges faced in a logistics and supply chain management industry is asset management and fleet management.  Having a proper asset and fleet management system can help companies to streamline their operations, reduce wastages and thus save cost. To track and manage inventories, many freight and shipping companies rely on traditional methods such as barcode scanners.  One limitation of relying on barcode scanners is that movement of the inventories cannot be effectively tracked or monitored on a real-time basis. IoT Applications for the Logistic and Supply Chain Management Industry One of the best ways to decrease material…