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21/02/2018 by GRID Marketing

Incorporating Fleet Management System is a constructive solution which significantly helps in tracking and monitoring the movement of vehicles in real time. The supply and maintenance of vehicle tracking systems for fleet management are rapidly growing recently. Vehicle tracking systems are speedily becoming an essential tool for many business owners who own a vast fleet to improve their efficiency and as a result, increase profitability. A proper vehicle tracking will lead to excellent results. Before you select the best fleet management system to facilitate the needs of your business, here are some tips to note.   1. Understand your business…

Walkie Talkie App
08/02/2018 by GRID Marketing

Push-To-Talk (PTT) voice communications over cellular (PoC), has now come of age. There are many free Over-the-Top Push-to-Talk (OTT PTT) applications that anyone can install on their smartphones to have PTT or walkie talkie capabilities. On the other hand, there are paid and managed OTT PTT services that users can also subscribe to. So what are the differences between a free OTT PTT service and a managed OTT PTT service?   Quality of Service Usually, free walkie talkie apps have little or no quality of service (QOS). Users of free walkie talkie apps do not have any recourse for poor…