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31/01/2018 by GRID Marketing

When it comes to events, reliable and fast communication is essential from the setting up stage, running stage right to the folding up end of event stage. Relying merely on mobile phone calls to communicate would be too slow and inefficient. Due to the sheer volume of crowd, mobile phones connections may also be congested and be overwhelmed in times of emergencies. To make a mobile phone call, the caller would have to initiate the call, wait for the call to be connected and finally wait for the receiver to answer the phone call. Mobile phone calls are also limited…

23/01/2018 by GRID Marketing

The walkie-talkie is the second most used voice communications equipment after the mobile-phone.  GRID Communications offers a wide range of walkie-talkies to suit different users.  Regardless of the type of walkie-talkies, it is therefore essential to familiarise oneself with the dos and don’ts when using walkie-talkies. This will help improve the overall users’ experience when communicating using walkie-talkies.  For walkie-talkies communication to be clear, concise, succinct and operate smoothly, certain procedures or etiquette should be observed. Basic Walkie-Talkie Usage Etiquette Rules The dos: • Speak clearly and slowly. Communication over the walkie-talkie isn’t always as clear as when communicating face-to-face.  Generally,…