Company Profile

Who We Are

As Singapore’s enhanced network service provider, GRID Communications is committed to offering a fully integrated mobile solution for people who are constantly on the move. Born from a joint venture between the digital trunked radio operations of Singapore Technologies Telemedia and Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, our mission is to provide advanced wireless communication services of superior quality and reliability to all our customers.

To sharpen our competitive edge, we have pooled together the resources and expertise of our parent companies, leveraging on technological advancements to enable the delivery of quality services quickly and efficiently.

We have since built an advanced mobile network to ensure that our customers enjoy enhanced coverage, better services and greater savings. In addition, we also provide data-enabled services so that our clients can enjoy wireless internet access and other mobile enterprise solutions, all in a single handset.

Grid Communications Office

What We Do

We offer the convenience of integrated services in a single handset. With our Push-To-Talk walkie-talkie service, instant communications can be made island-wide between two or more people, anytime, anywhere. Join the business network and use Push-To-Talk to contact your customers, vendors and business associates quickly and effectively. With the Phone feature, you can make calls or SMS anyone like you would on a mobile phone.

This all-in-one communications system from GRID Communications uses Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN®) technology developed by Motorola. iDEN® provides superior sound and transmission quality and enables crisp and clear high quality voice communications, while ensuring privacy and increased security.


Our brand name “GRID” is composed from a swarm of “bits” or “pixels” shaped and colored as a legion of tiny and luminous mobile screens, aligned in a modular system that graphically echoes the brand name. This functional and adjustable structure evokes the brand’s fundamental attributes – flexibility, resourcefulness, reliability, knowledge -, while the single black dot of the letter “i” amplifies the importance of the human and individual experience at the core of the service as well as the unique benefits derived from it.

GRID’s tagline, ‘Let’s Simplify’, embraces the idea that our lives, whether in dealing with business or leisure, can and should be made simpler. Instead of taking a few steps to connect to an individual or a group, you can easily do so at the touch of a button with GRID. We believe that as technological advances by the day, we will need to provide communication solutions that point to a simpler, better way forward. By creating services that simplify the communication process, we can all be more efficient as well as increase costs savings and productivity.