You have the control. And now, efficiency with GRID. Enjoy the convenience of island-wide digital two-way radio, mobile and data services all integrated in a single phone. Push-To-Talk and connect to a world of benefits. The choice is yours.

Instant Benefits

  • Convenience

    One phone gives you integrated island-wide digital Push-To-Talk walkie-talkie, mobile phone and data services to communicate with individuals and groups of people.

  • Control

    You can manage your work, access information and coordinate work groups with your phone.

  • Cost Savings

    Enjoy great savings with our per second billing* and free minute pooling.

  • Coverage

    Excellent island-wide coverage ensures you are always in touch anywhere** and anytime.

  • Clarity

    Superior digital technology offers crisp and clear voice communications.

  • Confidential

    The digital network provides greater privacy to prevent your calls from being overheard.

* Only applies to Push-To-Talk usage
** Fully meets the street level coverage required by IDA